Monday, July 12, 2010

D.E. Sievers Reads from "The Trees in Winter"

Here is the first of my lit-vids for "The Trees in Winter." I intend to create several more, reading different passages and geared toward different audiences. I expect the quality of the vids will gradually improve as I become more adept at making them. If you enjoy literary readings, I hope you enjoy this one, and if you enjoy what you hear, I hope you'll buy and read the entire book.

D.E. Sievers Reading from "The Trees in Winter"

Regards from the heartland,
D.E. Sievers

Friday, July 9, 2010

D.E. Sievers Reads from "The Climb" - Upcoming Novella

That's right, folks, I can read. And by golly, that's just what I've done in this mini-vid sneak peek at the opening to my current work-in-progress, a novella entitled "The Climb." My intention is to create some similar "readings" of passages from my novel "The Trees in Winter," which is available right now. Wish me luck, it's not easy to create one of these things without looking as silly as you feel. But I enjoy reading, and don't wish to be left behind with regard to all that technology has to offer nowadays, so I'll do what I can do, at the risk of appearing silly.

I'm very excited about this novella and enjoying the writing of it immensely. And as always, cannot wait for it to be finished. I make progress every day and am confident it will be done by October.

Meanwhile, life goes on. The summer here in Minneapolis alternates between being very hot and very wet, and sometimes both simultaneously. The heating and A/C in my house died recently and I have been mourning its passing ever since. Funny how we take those little things for granted until they're gone, then you suddenly realize they were not so little after all. One of these days, when I can afford to replace those deceased appliances, I will be able to start taking them for granted again, and how I long for that day! I hope you enjoy my mini-vid and that you are enjoying your summer more than I am, meaning I hope all your appliances are in working order. Ciao for niao!

From the heartland, D.E. Sievers